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Research Links Daylight Savings to Higher Miscarriage Rates Among IVF Patients

Article From: News Medical LifeSciences According to new research out of Boston Medical Center (BMC) and IVF New England Daylight savings time (DST) contributes to higher miscarriage rates among women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) who had had a prior pregnancy loss. The study may shed light on the impact of circadian rhythm changes on reproduction and…
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5 ways to manage the stress of infertility

When you’re struggling with infertility, you may feel isolated, stressed, and frustrated. This is completely normal. The uncertainty of what’s to come and the stress of IVF treatments can compact these feelings. But what you may not realize is that not only is stress a symptom of infertility, but it can also worsen infertility. That’s…
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Dad’s Exposure to Phthalates in Plastics May Affect Embryonic Development

From UMass Amherst News Archives UMass Amherst study finds sperm exposure to plastic compounds affects embryo AMHERST, Mass. – A new study led by environmental health scientist Richard Pilsner at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, one of the first to investigate whether preconception exposures to phthalates in fathers has an effect on reproductive success via…
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2-2-2017 – Listen to Dr. Allon on Ask the Experts – 700KSEV AM

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