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Egg Donor Progam

Our donor egg program is designed to help women who may not be able to use their own eggs to become pregnant.

Reasons for female infertility

Donor eggs may be required for many reasons. As women age, so do their eggs, and women beyond the age of 43 are often good candidates for our donor egg  program located in Houston, TX. Sometimes eggs lose their capacity to fertilize and develop at much younger ages due to premature menopause, damage by cancer chemotherapy or radiation, or other diagnosable or unknown factors. Also, some women carry serious genetic diseases that they do not want to transfer to their child. All of these women are good candidates for our in vitro fertilization (IVF) program with donor eggs.

How does the Egg Donor Process work?

The recipient selects an egg donor, who may be known to the couple, such as a relative or a friend, or may be selected from a donor egg agency. The egg donor undergoes ovulation induction to increase egg production. When the eggs are mature, they are retrieved and exposed to sperm, which can be from the male partner of the recipient or from a sperm donor.

Once the embryos mature, usually in 3-5 days, they are transferred to the mother’s uterus. The mother has undergone hormonal therapy to synchronize her cycle with the donor’s, so that her endometrium is ready to accept the developing embryo.

The major advantage of the donor egg program at the Advanced Fertility Center of Texas is that pregnancy success rates for the IVF cycle equal that of the egg donor’s age group. For example, if eggs are taken from a 22-year-old egg donor and the resultant embryos are placed in a 42-year-old recipient, the success rate of achieving a viable pregnancy is that of the 22-year-old age group.

We take the time to get to know each patient individually and will address all of your concerns on the road to parenthood in the most compassionate manner. Please come visit us at any one of Texas locations: Memorial City, The Woodlands, and College Station.

If you have further questions about our egg donor program or to schedule an appointment, please call (713)467-4488.