About PCOS

In 2003, PCOS was defined as having at least two of the following three conditions:

  • Lack of ovulation or less than eight cycles per year
  • Elevation of testosterone levels in the blood or clinical evidence of male pattern hair growth or acne
  • Polycystic ovaries (enlarged ovaries with 12 or more small follicles)


PCOS is difficult to diagnose because no test or combination of tests offer a definitive diagnosis. Different patients experience varying manifestations of the syndrome, which complicates both the diagnosis and treatment. Nine manifestations, or phenotypes, are currently recognized as potential indicators of PCOS.

While not everything is known about PCOS, medical science has made great strides in recent years toward understanding and controlling the condition. The best regimen seems to be a combination of medical care, dietary supplements, proper nutrition, and exercise –  all of which can be controlled by the patient. With the help of a treatment plan, symptoms can be managed and even reversed.

AFCT helps thousands of women with the diagnosis and management of PCOS symptoms. Our patients benefit from an individualized and comprehensive team approach through both AFCT and Lisanne Wellness Center (LWC), located in the same center.

We begin with a thorough investigation of hormones, glucose, and lipid testing, followed by a physical exam and a pelvic ultrasound. We then formulate a treatment plan to address the individual’s symptoms. Patients can achieve their goals through participation in a variety of nutrition and lifestyle modifications offered by LWC.


Take Control of your Life:

AFCT is your partner in managing and controlling PCOS. Our partner, LWC, is also ready to help you through education, lifestyle coaching, and the use of an all-natural PCOS Care Nutritional Support Program by Vitagenis®.

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