PGS/CCS Genetic Testing

Preimplantation Genetics Screening (PGS), also known as Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening (CCS), is used to test all 46 chromosomes. Not all patients are good candidate for PGS.  We prefer to offer PGS to patients with 6 or more embryos, so that we can have at least 1-2 normal embryos to transfer.

This test is intended to rule out the risks of Down Syndrome and other common genetic abnormalities that increase after age. Unfortunately, many individuals who need the test have few embryos and may end up with an IVF cycle without any normal embryos to transfer.

In order to determine whether PGS is a good choice for you, please schedule a consultation. You will be able to meet with both, Dr. Allon and Dr. Dozortsev to discuss your particular circumstance.



Mosaic embryos are embryos that contain both normal and abnormal cells. When an embryo biopsy is performed, it is possible to obtain a biopsy that contains normal or abnormal cells depending on the site of the biopsy. As a result, a normal embryo may be diagnosed as abnormal or an abnormal embryo as normal. But with improved methods of testing and biopsy those instances becomes less common.

Genetic Testing