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IVF - In Vitro

In vitro fertilization is
a process of fertilization
where an egg is combined
with sperm outside the body.

Polycystic Ovary
Syndrome (PCOS)

AFCT helps thousands
of women with the
diagnosis and management
of PCOS symptoms.


AFCT’s donor egg program
is designed to help women who
may not be able to use their
own eggs to become pregnant.


Studies have shown that
close to 50% of embryos,
even from the best patients,
can be abnormal.

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Ask Christina, our
Patient Care Coordinator

Facing infertility and undergoing treatments to start your family is stressful enough without feeling confused throughout the whole process. That’s where AFCT’s Patient Care Coordinators comes in!

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Happy Moms & Families

People all over the World fall in love with our product. Here are some happy quotes from users who believe their life become easier when using Kong.

Clara Luz Hernandez

AFCT Patient

After 9 years trying to have a baby we lost all our hopes after several treatments and nothing has worked. 

Jessica Yaw

AFCT Patient

Dr. Allon is an amazing doctor. He is extremely knowledgeable AND he cares for his patients.

Mr. and Mrs. Worthy

AFCT Patients

We are fully satisfied with all the services provided by Advanced Fertility Center of Texas (Dr. Michael Allon)! 

Couple's Testimonial
Tears of Joy! Inspiring Story for Fertility and Hope
Couple's Testimonial
After Many Trials, AFCT Made our Dream Come True!
Advanced Fertility Center of Texas
We help families find hope. We do it because we care!

Don’t Lose Hope, Take the Next Step


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