Gender Selection

You may find numerous online recommendations for different methods of selecting a particular gender (gender selection), but embryo screening prior to implantation is the only proven method with near 100% accuracy.

About 50% of couples want to select the gender of their child either for family balancing or other reasons.  However, couples without a known infertility etiology may also choose to do gender selection at AFCT. The chromosomal gender testing is also part of the Preimplantation Genetic testing (PGS).


Gender selection on frozen embryos

It is not uncommon that a couple ends up with several frozen embryos in storage after an IVF cycle and decides to select the gender for a future pregnancy.

At AFCT, we are confident in our high survival rate (>90%) of embryos previously cryopreserved. Those embryos can be thawed out, tested for the desired gender, and either transferred back into the uterus or vitrified again.

If you elect to do gender selection and you have embryos stored at another facility, you may transfer the embryos to our center and gender testing can be performed.

Genetic Testing