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What is the AFCT Donor Egg Program?

The gift of a baby for a couple that can’t conceive is immeasurable. AFCT’s donor egg program is designed to help women who may not be able to use their own eggs due to lack of eggs, unsuccessful after undergoing multiple cycles of in vitro fertilization (IVF), premature ovarian failure, elevated FSH levels, and those over the age of forty-three. For many this is their last hope. By donating your eggs you play a major part of helping them achieve the dream of motherhood.

Reasons for using an Egg Donor

Women who have failed IVF due to poor egg quality

Women who may experience low ovarian reserve


Some women carry serious genetic diseases that could be transferred to the child, so they may choose to use donor eggs.

Women over the
age of 43
Women who have suffered from cancer and have undergone chemotherapy or radiation: Eggs may be damaged or destroyed by cancer treatments.
For a better perspective of your case, we recommend a consultation with Dr. Michael Allon.

Learn More About the Egg Donor Process

Advanced Fertility Center of Texas screens each potential donor rigorously making sure they have the perfect candidate for egg donation.

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