Male Fertility

The cornerstone evaluation for male infertility is the semen analysis. This is one of the most important fertility test for men because male infertility is present in up to 40% of couples with infertility.
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The Semen Analysis

This test will evaluate the quantity, motility, and the morphology of abnormal sperm. Certainly, no treatment of the female partner should be initiated until the male partner has had a semen analysis and male infertility has been ruled out. Whenever possible, the semen analysis should be conducted in a reproductive laboratory. These laboratories employ andrologists with extensive experience identifying subtle sperm abnormalities that can cause male infertility.

Hormonal and Genetic testing

In men with male factor infertility, such as sperm count of less than 5 million, additional laboratory testing is required.

These fertility testing for men include Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) Testosterone, Estradiol, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, and Prolactin testing, as well as a genetic screen with chromosomal analysis and Y chromosome deletion. The genetic screen can also predict sperm production in the testis of men with azoospermia, or complete lack of sperm.

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Male Fertility

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