What Is Ovulation Induction?

Ovulation induction is the process of stimulating ovulation through the use of medication. Usually, ovulation-inducing medications are used to promote the development of ovarian follicles to reverse oligoovulation (irregular/infrequent ovulation) or anovulation (lack of ovulation).

However, these medications can also be used to trigger oocyte release from mature ovarian follicles. Oral medications can be used with injectable medication to increase the chance of a successful pregnancy.

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Why Choose Ovulation Induction?

Women who ovulate too frequently or not at all can benefit from ovulation induction. Depending on your ovulation issue, different forms of ovulation induction may be recommended.

Through this process, the number of follicles or eggs growing per cycle can be increased to boost the odds of a successful conception. It is also used for patients going through an IVF cycle to maximize the production of eggs.

Types of Ovulation Induction

There are a variety of methods to induce ovulation, including:

Ovulation Medication
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