AFCT’s Reproductive Laboratory

Our reproductive laboratory is state-of-the-art, under the leadership of the one of the most qualified individuals in the field of reproductive embryology, a president of the American College of Embryology: Dr. Dmitri Dozortsev.

His right hand is Mrs. Pei-Chi Tsai, a highly experienced reproductive laboratory supervisor with a master’s degree in reproductive laboratory.

You will also be assisted by the courteous and experienced Mr. Michael Blight and Mrs. Tania Sherman.

Our reproductive laboratory is open every day of the year to give our patients the best care available. We perform semen analysis, ICSI, embryo culture, embryo and egg freezing (vitrification), laser assisted hatching, embryo biopsy, and any other procedure that is normally performed by a reproductive laboratory.

What sets us apart is our innovation and meticulous attention to details, because we believe every case is unique.

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