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Omni-Med laboratories is not a part of AFCT, but it provides services primerely to AFCT patients. 

The Importace of Embryology

Omni-Med laboratory is state-of-the-art reproductive laboratory, under the leadership of the one of the most qualified individuals in the field of reproductive embryology, a president of the American College of Embryology: Dr. Dmitri Dozortsev.

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His right hand is Mrs. Pei-Chi Tsai, a highly experienced reproductive laboratory supervisor with a master’s degree in reproductive laboratory.

You will also be assisted by the courteous and experienced Mr. Michael Blight and Mrs. Tania Sherman. Our reproductive laboratory is open every day of the year to give our patients the best care available. We perform semen analysis, ICSI, embryo culture, embryo and egg freezing (vitrification), laser assisted hatching, embryo biopsy, and any other procedure that is normally performed by a reproductive laboratory.

What sets us apart is our innovation and meticulous attention to details, because we believe every case is unique.

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Embryo and Egg
Vitrification Technique

Advanced Fertility Center of Texas uses a “freeze-all” policy. We were one of the first in the United States to achieve such a high level of expertise in egg and embryo vitrification. Freezing embryos allows us to postpone the transfer until the woman’s body recovers from ovarian stimulation and her uterus becomes the most receptive to receive an embryo. Children born after frozen embryo transfer seem to be a little heavier and are thus considered healthier by a conventional measure.

Our vitrification technique is based on expertise and skill which has been perfected to pose minimal risk of an embryo or egg not surviving. Dr. Dozortsev has developed a tool, VitrohandleTM to improve vitrification results and has a US patent pending for its design:

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Genetics Screening
PGS is becoming quite common in IVF. However, because there are no standards of training, it is very important to look at the individual’s expertise. Dr. Dozortsev has been performing embryo biopsies since 1991 and was one of the developers of the technique at the Reproductive Genetics Institute in Chicago.
The Technique
of Embryo Biopsy

Minimal Impact Preimplantation Embryo Biopsy™
The technique of embryo biopsy is very important. This is because, pre-implantation, the embryo does not have many cells. If the biopsy is not performed correctly, it may damage the embryo and halt development.

Dr. Dozortsev is continuously improving the technique for embryo biopsy and has recently developed what he calls “Minimal Impact Biopsy,” or MIB, for short:
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Custom microtools for each embryo

Each embryo develops at its own unique pace, and it is important to balance the timing of the biopsy with the number of cells an embryo has at that moment. For example, in some cases, an embryo may not have as many cells as we would like on day 5 and yet, we prefer to freeze it because we are worried whether it will be able to sustain itself in artificial culture medium until day 6.

This requires certain dimensions of the biopsy pipette for the safest biopsy. Therefore, Dr. Dozortsev manufactures a custom biopsy pipette from scratch for every patient.


Tanya Sherman, MS 
Embryology technologist

ENVE Holder
for Post-Biopsy
The sample taken during embryo biopsy is very tiny, about 20 microns, and can sometimes be lost during the transfer into the test tube. It is also very critical to keep track of the samples to ensure that the biopsy number matches the embryo number. Dr. Dozortsev has developed an entire set of tools to facilitate these difficult tasks.

One of them is the ENVE holder™, for which he has been recently awarded a patent 15/130,988 by the US Patent office.
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