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“I could have gone to a different clinic due to the partnership my insurance offers, but we picked Dr. Allon because when we compared his success rate with that of other centers, we felt we would be in better hands if we decided to go with Dr. Allon. Plus, we did get high recommendations from other people about Dr. Allon. From the first day I entered this clinic, Dr. Allon and his staff have been very friendly with me and my husband. I read horror stories about professionalism and wait times that people experienced in other clinics in Houston. My experiences here have been very positive. I have been treated with care by all IVF coordinators and nurses. I have nothing bad to say.

The clinic is very close to where I live. So, location wise it was very convenient. I have had no issues with appointment availability.

I guess I will judge the success of a place by asking myself if I will ever go back there again in the future. My response to that is YES! We trusted Dr. Allon and his team from day one and we are overjoyed that I am pregnant. Hopefully I can carry the baby full term.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank every member of this clinic.


Jessica Yaw

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