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NOT ALL Patients are the same. So why do ALL Clinics do IVF Stimulation the same?

Advanced Fertility Center of Texas recognizes that patients have unique needs, questioning the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional IVF stimulations. Traditional methods suit patients with a good prognosis yet may fall short for those with lower egg quality, potentially leading to poor embryo quality.

The Difference between Traditional IVF and Term IVF™.

Traditional IVF stimulation relies on a progression of follicle size and the level of the hormone estradiol to determine whether the egg has achieved its best potential. In Term IVF™, during ovarian stimulation, a physician closely tracks and adjusts FSH levels in blood, which can directly impact egg quality, to take it to Term.

The theory is a fetus is nurtured within the womb for 9 months, “full Term”. The research shows that “Term” also exists for an egg, while it is growing in the ovary. Egg’s “term” varies from patient to patient, but is about 2 weeks. Traditional IVF is often shorter than Term.  Term IVF™ extends the duration of ovarian stimulation and the amount of FSH, taking a patient egg cycle to a full term.

Furthermore, even though Egg quality deteriorates as a woman gets older, Term IVF may often improve conception outcomes. 

Term IVF™ is a revolutionary, new method that can increase the chance of childbirth by improving egg quality.

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Term IVF™ may be your solution!

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Who is a candidate

Term IVF™ may be your solution!

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