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"I just wanted to be pregnant!"

“But I didn’t want to be sent to a SPECIALIST!  I didn’t want to admit something was wrong with me AND I did not want to spend a ton of money.

From the moment I walked into Dr. Allon’s office, my life has changed.  I now have twin 3 year old girls and I am pregnant with twin girls again.  My physical journey was long and hard, but my emotional journey was encouraged – and so much of that is due to the staff at Dr Allon’s office.

Dr. Allon is an amazing doctor.  He is extremely knowledgeable AND he cares for his patients.  It is so hard to find a doctor that exceeds in both of these areas.  From the moment, my husband and I met with him, we knew he had our best interest in mind.  Dr. Allon knew what he was talking about.  It would have been so easy for him to only be concerned with the physical side of my infertility battle, but he genuinely approached and listened to everything we wanted to talk about, emotionally and physically.

After my successful pregnancy with my (now 3 year old) twins, we thought invitro in future years would come easily.  We had one failed attempt and two miscarriages.  To a woman, this hurts the heart more than it hurts our body.

On more than one occasion, I came to an appointment disappointed and sad.  Most places, I would expect at least an “I am sorry” and sympathy.  At Dr. Allon’s office, I received that PLUS “Do you need a hug?” and so many other encouraging words.  Dr. Allon and his entire staff cared about me.  They knew I was the type of person that needed a hug and encouraging words.  They went out of their way to know me and encourage me.

 Struggling with infertility is so hard.  I am so grateful to have found an entire practice that helps you through the process, instead of just labeling your case and moving from one appointment to the next.

Throughout my years at Dr. Allon’s office I was assigned case workers.  These women were also there for me, day and night.  (literally)  Sometimes my questions and concerns were silly, but I knew they knew it calmed my heart and spirits when I received a calming message or answer to a question or concern.

At most doctor’s offices (at least in my case), there is always one area that struggles.  So after talking so highly of Dr. Allon AND the nurses, maybe the downfall would be the front desk or the financial department?  NO, Sorry… they are all awesome.  I was always greeted with a smile.  They made it a point to learn my name and make small talk.  The financial department was not just a phone call; you are able to sit and talk with them face to face as they walk you through everything.

I have always had a great experience with logistics as well.  Emails were always answered.  Phone calls were always returned.  I was always impressed on how much they all work together as a team.  If someone did not know an answer to my question, they would find out for me instead of forwarding my call or expecting me to figure it out.

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Allon and his staff.  I had so many bumps in my infertility journey, but knowing I had an amazing doctor and supportive staff, allowed me to move on to the next appointment or the next step in our jouney.

I have a blog that shares more detail about my journey.


Jessica Yaw

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