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We believe that every couple deserves the best possible chance to build their family. With that in mind, we do things differently at Advanced Fertility Center of Texas (AFCT). We look at  underlying medical factors that may be contributing to your infertility and focus on treating those. We have learned over the years that you need both medicine and overall wellness to regulate the body and achieve optimal health. This is essential for fertility success.

AFCT works closely with Lisanne Wellness Center (LWC) to offer wellness services that regulate the body and enhance infertility treatments.

What are the Benefits of Using AFCT in Combination with LWC?

  • If patients utilize our wellness services, they will have not only an easier, rapid time to conception, but also a healthy pregnancy.
  • Studies show that the mother’s state of health during pregnancy has a large impact on the newborn’s state of health for several years.
  • Using wellness services can decrease the risk of future diabetes, fatty liver disease, cholesterol and hypertension.

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