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Mr. and Mrs. Worthy holding newborn daughter Bailey.

Mr. and Mrs. Worthy holding newborn daughter Bailey.

Overall, we are fully satisfied with all the services provided by Advanced Fertility Center of Texas (Dr. Michael Allon)! We had services from IUI to IVF and the process was smooth and efficient. All of the staff in Dr. Allon’s office were absolutely amazing and professional! I would give Dr. Allon and his office a FIVE out of FIVE stars! We are highly grateful for Dr. Allon making our dream come true, which was to have a baby. We have a healthy baby girl!

Thank you so much,

Mr. and Mrs. Worthy

Best Medical experience in my life. Dr. Allon was so thorough and up front that it made this very daunting and scary process more of a joyful adventure. I love and appreciate Dr. Allon’s amalgamation of hard science and his clear respect for God’s plan. This is such a delicate dance between the two, and he is a champion for our human ethics while maintaining an extreme focus on results based methodology.

We have two beautiful babies growing in my wife’s belly. It is abundantly clear the this would not be possible without the great team here at Advanced Fertility and the holistic approach they administer.

Brandon and Sara S.,

I can’t thank Dr. Allon enough for helping us conceive our 2nd child. After 3 IVF/FET failures, I had all but given up hope—both emotionally and financially. But Dr. Allon did not give up on me. Although he was not sure about what was causing the infertility, he remained encouraged about my situation, explored every option I proposed, listened to me and heard me. Although I didn’t get pregnant those other times, I always felt supported…enough so make me come back and try again for one final time. To help, Advanced Fertility reduced the cost and allowed us to pay on a monthly payment plan. Without these options, we also would not have been able to keep trying. Today I am almost 7 weeks pregnant and I can’t believe it! From Alex who helps you prepare for surgical procedures, to Mira who oversees finances…I feel like this was a team effort to help us finally, finally get pregnant on this our 4th and final time trying. We are so happy! Thanks Dr. Allon and Advanced Fertility.

Lorna M., Patient

It has been a long journey to get to where we are now, but it has been well worth the wait! Everyone at Advanced Fertility Center of Texas has been great throughout the entire process.  They have always been there for us when we had questions or concerns, even after hours.  The nurses and staff always returned our phone calls or email responses promptly.

We had so many failed attempts, but this time everyone just knew that this was going to work.  I even did the acupuncture just to increase my chances more. Then we went in for blood work and later that afternoon Amber called with the news that we were pregnant! Then a few weeks after that we went in for the ultrasound.  Well to our surprise we were not only blessed with one but we had two blessings! It was quite a shock and everyone at the clinic was excited for us. Everyone at Advanced Fertility Center of Texas is like family.

Dr. Allon is great. He is a wonderful, caring person.  He made us feel comfortable and always gave us hope.  I would refer Dr. Allon to anyone trying to conceive. Thank you to Dr. Allon and staff for everything you have done.

Sylvia G., Mother